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“Livenutrifit is not just a company or a product but a way of life. Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition Optimization and Functional Fitness are its core values to attain physical and mental harmony. We believe Food is Medicine and it helps to improve Gut Health & Metabolism. Our range of Functional Foods is Whole, Natural, Super, Tasty, Convenient and Healthy with minimal processing. People’s health transforms Nation’s health is our belief as well as our Mission”- FOUNDER

About DR. ANJALI HOODA sangwan

Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan, MD(USA)
Functional Medicine & AdvancedMetabolic Specialist
Medical Director &Co-Founder - LIveNutriFit
India’s First IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) accredited doctor


Pure herbal taste. Lost 2 kgs in 14 days. Thanks for the coupon on next purchase :)

Sheela M.

Amazing Detox Tea. I recommend to buy 2 month program atleast to see visible results. I am taking this tea since last 3 months and i have noticed few inches lost.


Hello! I lost 1.5kgs in 10 days, also my skin looks healthier..very happy with the product, works amazing for my body..a must try, Thanx

Pinky S.

Nice product.....makes me feel energetic.....curbs apettite

Nidhi A.

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Welcome to LiveNutriFit’s One-Stop Healthy, Nutritional and Weight Loss Supplements India Store!

At such alarming and health conscious time, it is important to stay fit and slim. Though, due to lack of dedication or time constraint with many, not everyone is able to stay in shape. LiveNutriFit aims to provide access to the right nutrition and weight loss products to all those fitness fanatics and people desiring to lose weight naturally, enhance their metabolism process, get better sleep, etc., along with maintaining their steady fitness regimen. At present, millions of consumers are buying fast weight loss products online from our store, knowing deep down that they are helping them in looking and feeling good, and gaining confidence with an assurance of no side effects available.

LiveNutriFit Store’s Specialty Products:

We strive to help customers all around, provide best weight loss products, comprising 100% natural ingredients including Garcinia Cambogia, Oolong Tea, Peppermint Tea, Tulsi, Lemongrass, Cassia, Fennel Seeds, Moringa (to name a few), which will not only help in burning fat but also look amazing in like no time. Our specialties in weight loss products are as mentioned in below.


1. Turmeric Plus/Curcumin Tablets – These capsules are natural doctor’s formulated, comprising 95% curcuminioids and 5% Bioperine, meant for increase vitality and vigour, better digestion, less stress and mood swings, prevent hair loss, improve metabolism, work as excellent pain killers, etc.

2. Meta Tea – Equipped with effective ingredients, the Meta Tea works great in increasing metabolism, lowers inflammation and appetite and promote weight loss.

3. Hot Tea – Referred to as the great weight loss herbal product, Hot Tea’s organic components like Garcinia Cambogia, Lemongrass, Tulsi are very much useful for digestion, weight loss, improved sleep and get more benefits.

4. Protein Diskettes – Comprising whey protein and casein, the diskettes have the essential amino acids, excellent in providing benefits to people like fat loss, muscle retention, strong bones and teeth, improve sleep quality and metabolism, etc.

5. Quinoa Flour – The ancient super gluten free and protein rich grain flour is consumed majorly in porridge, as a side dish or sprinkled over salads and soups, helpful in fighting against ageing and many other disorders.


How Weight Loss Supplements Work, Benefits and Why to buy from LiveNutriFit Store?


The Weight Loss Products at LiveNutriFit Store, are blessed with 100% organic ingredients and herbs that are well known for their benefits from ages like Tulsi, Peppermint, Fennel Seeds, Lemongrass, Garcinia Cambogia, helping people in improvising the quality of life in overall. To mention some of the advantages of these weight supplements are fat reduction, losing weight naturally, better digestion, improvised sleep quality, increased metabolism, prevention of hair loss, get glowing skin, stay away from seasonal infections and chronic ailments.


Now, the question that comes in most of the minds is why to buy weight loss supplements online from LiveNutriFit Store instead of doing physical workouts or from any other store? As much as the physical workout and well being is important, so does the eating of right nutrition is. The well balanced diet is important and LiveNutriFit is assisting in leveraging the health benefits to the core, full with nutrition, taste and above all – POSITIVES! Feel free to check out the wide array of product range available at our store at such affordable prices!