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Turmeric Plus - Natural Inflammation Support

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Turmeric Plus/Curcumin Capsules
• Our Curcumin capsules are Doctor's formulated, Natural, NON--GMO, Third-Party
tested to assure the highest purity of each batch. The capsules are
manufactured using high-quality raw materials, which are certified under strict
manufacturing processes, ensuring only the best high quality reaches our
customers. The capsules contain 95% standardized Curcuminoids and 5 %
Bioperine (Compound present in black pepper) for enhanced bioavailability.
• Standardization ensures the consistent levels of ingredients in each dose.
Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. Turmeric also is known as the Indian saffron has been used since ancient time extensively in Asian cooking and also for medicinal use. The yellow pigment of turmeric is because of the active ingredient Curcumin which has the highest health-promoting benefits.
Curcumin is only present in the concentration of 2 to 5% in turmeric which means
if you are eating turmeric as a whole you are getting Curcumin only in a small
• Curcuminoids are natural compound present in turmeric which has anti-
inflammatory effects.
• Bioperine is the extract which is obtained from high-quality black pepper
which gives black pepper its taste. Bioperine has shown to improve the
absorption of Curcumin.
Bioavailability of Curcumin - Curcumin is poorly absorbed by the human body, it
passes unabsorbed through the gut. The only way to get the benefit of Curcumin
is combining it with Bioperine.

1) Anti Inflammatory-
Inflammation is the new silent killer which may lead to a heart problem,
cancer, Alzheimer and also obesity. Curcumin helps to fight the
inflammatory responses in our body.
2) Improves Vitality-
Curcumin has excellent antioxidants that fight free radicals.
3) Helps in Digestion-
It stimulates the gallbladder to release bile, also it helps in case of
stomach ulcer by inhibiting the production of stomach acid.
4) Supports the Joints-
As Curcumin is anti-inflammatory it prevents the joints from becoming
swollen and inflamed. It helps in keeping the joints mobile, pain-free and
also healthy.
5) Healthy Heart-
Curcumin improves the lining of heart which in turn regulates the blood
pressure and clotting which may lead to heart problems. Curcumin is essential
for heart health.
6) Improves Digestion-
Curcumin improves digestion, it heals the gut due to the anti-
inflammatory properties.It reduces gas and bloating in people who have
7) Reduces Stress and Mood Swings-
It boosts the production of serotonin, the happy chemical which reduce the symptoms of mood change
8) Anti-Ageing-
Curcumin is anti-inflammatory and is rich in antioxidants. Ageing
reduces when inflammation reduces.
9) Improves Memory-
Curcumin boosts the production of protein in the brain which is responsible
for the growth in the brain. It helps in better memory and mood.
10) Improves Metabolism-
Curcumin has shown to reduce the risk of developing diabetes
.Curcumin helps to stabilize the glucose level in blood.
11) Balances the Hormone Level
Diet and lifestyle play an important role in hormone production and
balance, Curcumin helps in regulating hormone production.
12) Prevents Hair Loss
Antioxidants in Curcumin fight the radicals that can cause issues
like dandruff, hair fall etc. Curcumin’s antioxidants play a major role
in preventing hair loss.
13) Cleanses the Liver
Curcumin’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents help in
cleansing the liver, thus improving its productivity.
14) Supports Women’s Health
Curcumin helps in reducing menstrual pain, reduces the risk of
cervical cancer as it may prevent cell death.
15) Skin Pigmentation
Bleaching properties of Curcumin may help treat pigmentation.
16) Prevents Wrinkles
Curcumin prevents skin elasticity which is caused by UVB exposure.
17) Works as a Natural Painkiller
Since Curcumin reduces inflammation, it can act as a natural
18) Protects Against Metal Toxicity
Curcumin protects against selenium toxicity in liver and kidney and
mercury intoxication in liver, kidney and the brain.

19) Improves Metabolism

20) Better Nutrient Absorption
Bioperine, when combined with Curcumin, helps in better nutrient
absorption. Vitamin B, A, C and selenium are better absorbed in the blood.
21) May Combat Depression
Peperine has anti-depressant properties as it helps to produce new
nerve cells.
22) Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease
Bioperine improve the brain function and learning. It protects the
neuron as it has antioxidants.
23) Fights Infection
Bioperine reduces inflammation, it helps in treating and
preventing the allergic reaction.
24) Improve Cholesterol
Bioperine helps to reduce the LDL level and increase the HDL level.

25) Relieve Pain

✔ Anti-inflammatory
 Help treat obesity
 Prevents cataract
 Supports brain health
 Heals your gut
 Healthy heart
 Eases digestion
 Improves mental health
 Gives healthy-looking skin
 Manages blood sugar levels
 Reduces stress
 May help prevent cancer
 Reduce joint inflammation
 Protects against stress and depression

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Monika kapoor

Turmeric Plus - Natural Inflammation Support

Manabendra Haldar

It is good enough after using somedays of first time but the discount rate bottle's Expiry is closedate of the bottle that I got. I dont know whether it can be used after expiry .



Sunil Kumar Dhal

How to it?