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PROTEIN DISKETTES - More Protein More Power

PROTEIN DISKETTES - More Protein More Power
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Protein diskettes are primarily composed of casein and whey protein.

CASEIN: is a protein found in the milk of cow and humans. Casein is a
complete protein which means it has all essential amino acids (building
blocks of protein). Along with protein, casein also contains phosphorus and
Benefits of high-quality casein :
✔ Muscle retention-
When going on a low-calorie diet, it is important to
restore muscle mass. As the body will be calorie deficient
it will be using the stored body tissues as energy.
Therefore taking casein in your diet is very essential in
order to restore muscle mass.
Fat loss-
Casein has a high amount of calcium which also helps in fat
loss. Normally individuals run away from diary thinking it
has fat but casein is a dairy protein which has calcium in
the high amount which promotes fat loss too.
✔ Promotes colon health-
Many types of research suggest that milk protein found in
casein promotes colon health rather than soy and animal
✔ Higher quality of protein-
Taking high-quality casein makes you maintain lean muscle
mass as less of it is excreted by the body. Taking less quality
protein does not meet the body’s requirement of protein intake.
For vegetarian casein is the best protein available.
Strong bones and teeth-
Casein has found to reduce the enamel erosion.
✔ Improves metabolism-
Casein increases the satiety level and helps in the
journey of weight loss.
Increases satiety
Casein is a high-quality protein which makes you
feel full for a long period of time. Casein is most
satiating than other sources of protein, it helps to
suppress the appetite.
✔ Bed time snack
Casein is an effective bedtime snack, as it is slow
releasing.Casein spends more time releasing
amino acids in the blood.
Improves sleep quality
Casein has tryptophan, which is an amino acid that
regulates sleep.

Whey protein-Whey is a mixture of protein which has been
isolated from the liquid part of the milk which gets separated during
the production of cheese.
Whey is present in the watery portion of milk.
Help reduce hunger -
Whey protein has shown to reduce hunger as compared to other
protein supplements.Taking whey protein as a snack before a meal
increases the hormone responsible for satiety.
Manages blood sugar levels
Whey protein reduces the blood glucose level. Taking whey protein
before a meal reduces the glucose level after a meal.
Lowers blood pressure-
Whey protein contains a peptide called lactose which helps in
the treatment of high blood pressure and improves heart health.
 Reduces food cravings
Whey protein reduces ghrelin, the hormone responsible for controlling
appetite. Decreased level of ghrelin means less appetite and
consumption of fewer calories.
Prevents hair fall
Whey protein prevents hair fall and helps in promoting hair growth.
 Source of antioxidants
Whey protein has glutathione which is an important factor in
detoxification, energy utilization and preventing diseases.

Serves as a healthy snack
 Prevent muscle breakdown
 Preserves the muscle
 Reduce appetite
 Regulates the blood sugar levels
 Helps in weight loss
 Builds new muscle tissue and helps in the production

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